Design things!



  • Avvenire SPIRITUS Ultimate (2015-Actually)

    The spiritus project is the result of market research and innovation by Aldo Biaocchi, CEO of Daymak and spearhead of the Avvenire brand. an ambitious project to be the fastest tricycle in the world. fully electric and carbon fiber. where we design exterior - interior - product definition and build the prototype together with FDC.
  • Rosamonte racing team-Kawasaki season 2002

    In the 2022 season, Kawasaki joins as an official sponsor and the motorcycle is developed with some requirements from its branding department and the already traditional Rosaamonte. a pleasant result.
    Rosamonte racing team kawasaki 2002
  • FDC racing team C4 season2022

    An advance on being a little more disruptive, we intervened this season on the pits, the foray into electric mobility and sponsor in the supertc2000 car.
    FDC c4 2022
  • Aytech Drone patrol system (2021)

    Aytech, as in the previous experience, has the know-how to develop electronic and dynamic systems, our studio develops the product and mechanical systems of drones and nests this autonomous patrol system.
    Aytech Drone patrol system
  • KYT hellcat design (2021)

    KYT hellcat design, 3 color variants, today in production and on the market.
    KYT hellcat design
  • KYT Dj Maru design (2021)

    KYT Dj Maru design, in its two color variants. today in production and on the market.
    KYT Dj Maru design
  • FDC C4 graphic season 2021

    Our initiative and exercise for our partner, we update a worn previous image. in a simple, fast and timely manner.
    c4 FDC graphic
  • Avvenire Family: Recumbent bike concept (2020)

    A family of products gives rise to the Avvenire brand linked to Daymak. this is bodied recumbent bike concept
    bodied recumbent bike
  • Avvenire Family: Tectus Mobility (2020)

    A family of products gives rise to the Avvenire brand linked to Daymak. Tectus is a concept of mobility, bodied with textile
    Avvenire mobility concept